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UK Homeowner Advice For Selling Your House Fast

By Ben Kennish

When is the Best Month to sell Your House?

When is the Best Month to sell Your House?

best time to sell a property

If you’re in the industry at all, or have been in a situation where you’ve sold property, you’ll probably have heard professions referring to “good” and “bad” times to sell your house. But is there really any certainty in this?

Selling property is well known as one of the most stressful elements of modern life, so you’ve already got enough to be thinking about. You’ll be asking yourself questions such as “how can I ensure my property sells quickly?” and “will I get the right price for my sale?” and that’s without even considering what time of year it is. After all, we don’t always have the luxury of choosing when to sell.

Today, we’re going to be busting the myths regarding good and bad times to sell property, and will be ultimately tackling the question, when is the best month to sell your house?

We’ve Considered that there’s a “Good” Time and a “Bad” Time to Sell Your House. So, what are the Best Months to Sell Property in the UK?

First things first, we think it’s important to take a look at what months are considered the best time to sell property within the UK:

  • It’s impossible to speak for every individual selling case, as there are likely to be exceptions to the overall rule.
  • However generally speaking and based on our extensive research, we’ve found that the best months of the calendar year to sell your property in, are from the end of February to the end of June. This has been found as being accurate on a yearly basis.
  • Remember that every decision you make in the endeavour to sell your property should be considered as you would any other marketing decision. The more you can think of your sale as a business transaction, the more successful it’s likely to be.
  • It goes without saying, that when you’re trying to sell anything, the best time to market it is when there are likely to be the most interested buyers on the market. For example, you wouldn’t try to sell a Christmas tree in the Summer, would you?
  • Bringing it back to property, you want to be selling your property at a time in the year when it’s proven that most people are looking to buy, move or even relocate.
  • This has been found, as stated above, to be the months we have previously listen. From the end of February, right through to the end of June.
  • When you consider what happens during these months, it’s no surprise that it’s one of the most popular times to move. The Winter is coming to an end, and the Summer is well in view. What’s not to love?
  • Speaking socio-economically, the more people that are looking to buy property, the more competition there is likely to be surrounding it – and trust us, a bit of healthy competition surrounding the house you’re selling is no bad thing.
  • The more people on the market, the more are likely to be interested in the property, making it popular.
  • The more popular a property, the more chance you have of a bidding war taking place.
  • Bidding wars are great for sellers, because they always tend to result in a sale. Furthermore, they result in a sale for the best possible price. There’s not a better way to ramp the price up!
  • So if the best way to get beyond the asking price for your property is to start a bidding war, what do you need?
  • First things first, you need the maximum number of potential buyers on the market to be interested in your home.
  • Before that, you need more people looking to buy on the market in the first place.
  • How can you ensure that there are going to be more potential buyers on the market overall?
  • Very simply, by selling your property during the right months.

We’re not lying. It really can be that simple. Time scale has been proven to be integral to the overall success of many property sales. Don’t forget that.

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So, those are the Best Months in Which to Sell Your Property, but they Seem Pretty General. Can we Narrow that Down to that to the Best Time of Year?

You’re right, we’ve cracked the best months of the year to sell your home, but it almost seems a little odd, doesn’t it? These months span right from the end of Winter right into Summer.

This begs the question, is there a specific time of year, event, or season, when it’s best to sell your home? And by best, we mean the quickest and most profitable time to sell.

  • We, know these months seem to span across several seasons – from the end of Winter, throughout the Spring and into the beginning of Summer. However, the vast majority of these months quite clearly take place in one particular season, and that’s the Spring time.
  • With this in mind, we would consider the Spring time as the best time to sell your home. Although we can’t speak for every individual case, this is what we’ve found in our research.
  • When you think about it, there’s no wonder that the Spring time is one of the best times to sell. This is for many reasons.
  • The first, that we’ve already mentioned, is that the long British Winter finally comes to an end. We’re greeted with less rain and more sun as well as longer days and shorter nights. The Winter can quite often feel the opposite of inspiring and motivational, which is why the season of Spring is often so welcome.
  • Generally speaking, as well as the season itself being brighter, people actually feel better too. The higher the “feel good” feeling is for the population, the more likely they are to feel ready and equipped for changes in their lives – and what’s a bigger change than moving your entire life and its’ belongings to a new home? Not a lot, we’ll tell you that.
  • These are just some of the reasons why so many more people choose to buy and sell property, and move and relocate at this time of year, and in these months.
  • But, it’s not just because of buyers and their “coming out of hibernation” that this is the best time of the year to sell. It’s actually a great time for sellers too.
  • One of the key factors – and one of our most reoccurring top tips – when it comes to selling a property well, is to make the said property as visually appealing as you possibly can. The Spring months lend themselves particularly well to this.
  • Think about it, you have longer days to play with. The more daylight hours, the more time you have to show your property off to its’ best.
  • The vast majority of people – and particularly those who are looking to buy property – will work nine ‘til five jobs, five days a week.
  • Now, although there are viewings on weekends, they’re limited and a lot harder to get unless you’re prepared and book them well in advance.
  • The light nights give potential buyers to view your property in the daylight, on a weekday, after they finish work, which means they’ll get to see it in better circumstances.
  • Furthermore, did you know that light can make a property looking bigger, more spacious, and airier than it would usually? If you’re selling a smaller property, we always encourage making it as light as possible for viewings. What better way than to utilise the natural lighting?
  • It’s likely you’ll have heard of the expression “kerb appeal”, right?
  • Well, if not, kerb appeal quite simply refers to how attractive your property looks from the outside, or from a street view. Hence the name kerb
  • The important of kerb appeal has been proven time and time again by industry professionals. Did you know that many potential buyers will drive out to neighbourhoods and look at the exterior properties that are for sale, before requesting to view them?
  • Now, remember that first impressions really do count. Particularly in the property industry.
  • This could be the first “in person” impression that potential buyers get of your property. Therefore, it means if your kerb appeal is lacking, it could actually put them off.
  • The Winter doesn’t lend itself particularly well to exterior attractiveness, does it? After snow, sleet and rain for months, our front gardens and properties can look a little bit tired and worn, and that’s completely normal!
  • The good news is that in the Spring, it becomes the perfect time to look after your garden – including the front one!
  • You might consider replacing or painting your front door, and having some of your brickwork repointed. Furthermore, cutting the grass and planting some flowerbeds will give an overall homely and looked after effect to your house’s exterior.
  • All of these factors combined point towards a better property sale.
  • Remember, that the more buyers that are on the market at the time of sale, the less likely you’ll be to have to reduce the selling price of your property! It’s that simple.
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As we’ve stated, the best time to sell your home may span across several months – and even arguable, more than one season.

However, the best time of year to sell, is undoubtedly the Spring, for all of the reasons listed above.

Other Commonly Asked Questions and Answers:

Before finishing today, we’re going to cover a few more of our most commonly asked questions for you:

Is It Ever a Good Idea to Sell in January?

First up, we consider the possibility of selling in January:

  • Generally speaking, people consider January as one of the “bad” times to put your property on the market. The end isn’t as bad, but the beginning is said to be.
  • However, occasionally, it’s possible people are actively looking to move in the new year.
  • Welcoming in the new year in January goes hand in hand with fresh starts, moving on, and getting organised, right? So with that in mind, some people may consider it a good time to buy.
  • However, after the uproar of the busy festive season, many people consider moving to be one of the things they’d least like to do.

Really, we can’t answer this one with a straight yes or no. All we can say is that yes, January is considered to be one of the worst property sales times – but there might be exceptions along the way.

Is there a “Worst” Month in Which to Sell Your House in the UK?

We’ve covered the “best” months in which to sell property in the UK. But like there’s a considered “good” and “bad” time, is there a “worst” time?

  • The same research that brought us to concluding the best months to sell were from February to June, brought us to the conclusion that three worst months to sell property are early January, August and December.
  • As we mentioned just above, January can be a bit hit and miss. It’s up to you to decide whether or not it’s worth the risk.
  • When it comes to August, this is the time in which the vast majority of UK holidaymakers will jet away to more tropical climates. Because of the expense of this, they’re a lot less likely to want to move property in this time.
  • Furthermore, December is unpopular for obvious reasons. Say that you’re someone who hosts Christmas at their home. You’ll need to decorate, buy food, buy gifts, and get ready for what’s likely to be the biggest hosting day of the year. Add moving house into this equation, and it’s a recipe for chaos!

Moving house is stressful enough, so it’s no surprise that people don’t want to do it in already bust months.

Is there a Worst Time to Actually Put Your Property on the Market?

We’ve talked a lot about the overall act and process of selling sure, but is there a bad time to actually put your home on the market initially?

  • In our research, on a basis of time from the property first being listed to the sale completing, we found that the worst months in which to put your property on the market are from the middle of October to the middle of November.
  • The average amount of days it took a property to sell in this time period, was a whopping seventy nine days.
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Finally, When Really is the Best Time to Sell Your House in the UK?

Although a lot of what we’ve said can be deliberated, and can vary hugely from circumstance to circumstance, we think it’s only fair to give you a conclusion of sorts:

  • We’ve taken the time to find out the best time in which to put your home on the market.
  • In our research, we found out that the best month to put your home up for sale is March, with the total number of selling days to completion only being fifty seven.
  • April came in at a very sharp second, being only one day behind March at fifty eight days.
  • Both of these months tie in with not only the Spring time, but what is known as the Easter period.
  • Therefore, the best time to sell your home in the UK, has been found to be in the Easter period.

Remember, that although our research has proven this, situation to situation these figures can change.

We hope we’ve been some assistance in helping you to learn the best times of year to sell your home.

Happy selling!

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